Some Refresher Hair Care Tips To Keep In Mind

The following are some excellent tips to keep in mind if you use a natural shampoo or cleansing conditioner that does not contain chemical lathering agents such as sodium laureth and lauryl sulfate. Due to the fact that most natural shampoos and cleansing conditioners lack these lathering agents, you need to make sure that you get the shampoo or cleansing conditioner distributed completely and evenly throughout your hair. You may also need to use more of a natural shampoo and cleansing conditioner than with shampoos that you previously used.

Natural based shampoos and cleansing conditioners need to be massaged very well into your hair. They won’t lather on their own because as I have mentioned they do not contain sodium lareth or lauryl sulfate. If you want to get the benefits of your natural shampoo and cleansing conditioner, then really massage and work the product into your hair. It may require more effort, but you will notice a stronger effect from the product. Too many people fail to do this and then blame the shampoo or cleansing conditioner of being ineffective. Use more of the product and lather very well and you will see all of the benefits that the product promises.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner Can Do Wonders For Your Hair

Wen, developed by hair stylist, Chaz Dean,,  is a one of a kind cleansing conditioner. It will moisturize hair, detangle hair, condition hair, deep condition hair and of course cleanse hair. WEN hair also soothes and gives it extra volume and shine. The secret to Wen is all natural and herbal ingredients such as glycerin, panthenol, wild cherry bark and chamomile extract. Cleansing agents in Wen remove oil and buildup without removing natural oils for healthier, shiner and more voluminous looking hair. Try this Sephora endorsed product for 60 days risk free. If you are not happy, just send the bottle back and you will get a full refund for the product price.

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