Marcio Alaor from Banko BMG provides insights on market trends

Marcio Alaor is one the prominent finance executives from Brazil who is now serving as the Vice President of Banko BMG which is one the largest financial institutions in the country. He has been playing a decisive role in promoting the bank on a national level with his strategic leadership and innovative strategies. As a finance executive, Marcio has a keen interest in market trends that he regularly monitors and provides useful insights in different platforms.



Marcio has a dedicated page where he regularly posts new on new market trends, opportunities and analysis that people find really helpful. In one of his recent articles, he discussed about small business and their chances with the recent changes in the rules of engagement. He also explained in this article that how small businesses can save a good amount in their taxes through such amendments. In another article, Marcio discussed about future potential of Australia that many has ignored for a long while and makes case for opportunities in this country. He also provides advises for young entrepreneurs and youth groups through his articles. In one of this recent articles, Marcio discussed about 10 areas with the most job opportunities in 2017 that was well appreciated by everyone.



Marcio has proven his excellent strategic capabilities and creative genius in developing some new products and services for Banko BMG. He was one the driving forces behind a comprehensive diversification of products and services in this bank that helped it to penetrate new markets. Right now, Bank BMG is leading the market with its payroll services, payday loan facilities as well as cards. In addition to this, Marcio is also deeply involved in Bank BMGs campaigns and actively participates in most of the shows, interviews, and exhibitions. He and along with the team in the Bank has already secured a number of partnership with different investors and groups and now they planning to expand the coverage of this bank.



Despite a busy professional career, Marcio is involved with a number of charitable and voluntary causes. He grew up in the community of Santo Antonio do Monte and his way to give it back to the community; he is now actively working to promote the rural growth of this area. He maintains a close connection with his friends and locals and values his roots to a great extent. Hence, he has made an unparalleled contribution to this community. In return, he has also been recognized a number of times by the local community as well. Very recently, a food court was named after him in the prestigious 33rd Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte (Expose Samonte) as well. He is also considered as an idle for many youth and executives in the country.




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