Advanced Drilling Automation Capabilities Help Boost Business For Anthony Petrello And Nabors

What has Anthony Petrello been up to in his CEO position of Nabors Industries?

As Chairman of the Board and CEO and Chair of the Executive Committee for Nabors Industries, which owns and operates the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet, Petrello keeps his company updated with the latest innovative technologies, performance tools and drilling services. Nabors is currently a leading company in providing rigs for offshore drilling in the U.S. as well as other international markets.

Nabors works inside and outside of most of today’s oil and gas markets. Working his highly skilled employees, Petrello as CEO of the company sets new standards for operation, most recently leveraging the company’s advanced drilling automation capabilities. How does this help his company? It promotes workers at Nabors to work towards operational excellence and taking the industry as it stands and transforming it.

Petrello, known to his friends by “Tony” became CEO of Nabors in late 2011. Nabors has drilling and rig services for both onshore and offshore drilling; their specialties include land drilling, offshore drilling, specialty rigs, rig equipment, drilling software and technology and directional drilling.

Currently, Nabors has more than 500 rigs placed in 25 different countries. They have “high specification” rigging made to address challenges in drilling applications, such as in the Arctic or desert. Nabors’ offshore drilling services include operation of 48 offshore rigs in the U.S., Alaska and several other countries internationally. Rigs that are deployed by Nabors have the reputation of a coiled tubing drilling technology that has never been equaled. Putting its focus on efficiency and safety, Nabors is integrated – vertically – and its drilling equipment is considered premier line manufacturing. Some products for rig drilling include automated pipe handling and torqueing, case running tools, drawworks, casing running tools and AC top drives that are considered to be industry leads.

Petrello, aside from his multiple duties at Nabors, has also served as Director of Texas Children’s hospital. Petrello and his wife recently donated $5 Million to launch a new institute at the children’s hospital. Their charitable gift helped Texas Children’s hospital begin a groundbreaking effort that merges clinical, educational and research to focus on mental and neurological disorders in children.

This generosity shown by the Petrellos is considered one of the largest philanthropic gifts in the history of the hospital. But in the end, the Petrellos will help Texas Children’s Neurological Research Institute further its pediatric research.

Petrello holds a J.D. degree from Harvard and B.S. and M.S. degrees from Yale.

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