Why You Ought To Visit the Luxurious Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

Shopping can be hectic sometimes especially if you require an array of items that can’t be easily found under one roof. However, shopping in Brazil has been made splendid and great experience ever imagined. Roberto Santiago Manaira mall has received recognition as the most fabulous shopping and entertainment center in Brazil.

The well-architected shopping mall is located in Manaira Paraiba and is set to fascinate your interests due to its luxurious world class amenities. The facility is owned by Roberto Santiago, who has become a significant icon in Paraiba state for his excellent business idea. The shopping hub presents unique features, which gives a reason to visit it. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

Sumptuous Stores

The facility has luxurious and affordable stores equipped with an array of products ranging from designer fashion, jewelry, fragrances, and furniture and sports supplies. In fact, whatever you dream of, electronics, gifts, books and watches, will be found in this state of the art mall. Additionally, the mall’s website has a store directory that will guide you in planning for a great shopping trip.


The magnificent mall has 11 cinema rooms with modern display pieces of equipment like 3D, VIP rooms, and a stadium system concept. Movie lovers also get a chance to enjoy their hobbies at the Cinepolis movies theater equipped with the latest releases. If you like electronic game machines, bowling, and gym, then you should visit Manaira shopping center. Additionally, the mall has food courts, restaurants and bars that offer great chef prepared meals ensuring that you get all that you need in just one facility.

Domus Hall

Additionally, the mall has a Domus Hall, which is a superb place for the music enthusiast. The Hall has earned global recognitions for holding concerts, festivals, art fairs and other cultural events. Closely looking at this great mall, it is clear that nothing was left to chance during its designing. Visiting Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall will guarantee you great satisfaction.

Roberto Santiago in Brief

Santiago is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in Brazil. The 58-year-old alumnus of the University Center of Joao Pessoa has been the figure behind the reshaped shopping centers. Roberto Santiago is the owner of Manaira shopping mall and Mangeira shopping mall, which are among the most luxurious modern shopping centers in Brazil.

After graduating with a degree in business administration, he began his entrepreneurial journey at the Café Santa Rosa. Since then Roberto has grown to become one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil. He is well experienced in investment and is considered as an intelligent investor.


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