George Soros Continues To Seek New Ways Of Helping The Citizens Of The World

Over the course of his life George Soros has spent a large amount of time and money looking to aid the people of the world in their fight to be recognized as important pieces of the puzzle of the world on Snopes. Soros sees himself as a global citizen who has been an avid supporter of the rise of the European Union where national borders have been eliminated for millions of citizens of Europe, the home continent of George Soros who was born in Hungary before heading to a new life in London and later New York; the work of George Soros as a hedge fund manager has given him the opportunity to enjoy a personal fortune of more than $25 billion that he is now looking to use as a way of bringing together the people of the world.

The work of George Soros began in 1952 when he had completed a refugee journey across Europe that led to him studying and graduating from the London School of Economics; at the London School of Economics George Soros not only began his financial career, but also looked to develop the social conscience that would lead to his well known level of philanthropy. One of the teachers of Soros was the philosopher Karl Popper who developed the Open Society theory that Soros still maintains through his own Open Society Foundations where a universal standard of life is important to all people on the planet. George Soros has seen many different individuals and teachers play a role in his life and career on, including the poet and counterculture leader Allen Ginsberg who Soros now cites as playing as key role in the development of social awareness of the problems facing the people of the world.

Like many of those he lived and worked with in the counterculture hub of Greenwich Village, New York during the late 1950s and 60s, George Soros maintains a belief that the U.S. is an unfair country for those born into minority groups; not only does Soros feel a greater level of fairness should be available in the U.S., he also hopes that the human rights abuses completed on behalf of the U.S. government within American borders and beyond will be halted in the future. In a bid to make sure a fair sense of community is available to all Soros is also looking to develop a series of groups and activities that will push forward many areas of interest for left leaning individuals across the U.S. George Soros is a philanthropist who knows his own mind and how he feels the governments of the world should be run, which has led to him pushing forward a pro choice, reformist agenda that includes great levels of reform for the U.S. criminal justice system. You can read some articles on

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