How MB2 Dental Solutions Is Helping Dentist Practices

MB2 Dental Solutions motto is “Built by Dentist, for Dentists”. MB2 Dental Solutions is dental management company that is wholly owned by dentists who understand what it’s like to own and operate a dental practice.

The services they offer are designed to be in the best interests of patients and the providers that they support. By availing themselves of MB2 Dental Solutions services a dentist is freed up focus their time on helping patients while maintaining full clinical autonomy.

By contracting with MB2 Dental Solutions dentists with their own practices can free up their time and employ fewer staff members. MB2 Dental Solutions offers a complete office solution which includes its many services human resources, billing and collections, marketing, procurement, business development, and IT.

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Dental Solutions, based in Carrollton, Texas. He owned his own practice before deciding to found this company as a way to address the problems dentists face when trying to run a business and help patients.

Dr. Villanueva has also worked as an associate dentist, Dental Director, and filled a capacity as a trainer and mentor to other dentists. Under his guidance the company has grown into one of the largest dentist-owed dental management companies in the United States. MB2 Solutions has grown to over 70 dental practices affiliated with them in 6 states.

MB2 Dental Solutions pays its staff well. According to glassdoor – – an IT Coordinator can expect to earn $15-19 an hour. Someone working in the billing department can expect $16-20 an hour while a Registered Dental Hygienist can expect $31-33 an hour.

MB2 Dental Solutions also has an active Facebook page that they update with pictures and stories on a regular basis. A recent article posted to their page shows a celebration of some young dentists who are learning dentistry at Baylor University College of Medicine.

The MB2 team also has fun together outside the office they recently posted pictures of a group of executives and staff members enjoying a trip on their “2nd annual owners ski trip”.

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