Arthur Becker: The Prominent Real Estate and Early Stage BioTech Investor

Since 2011, Arthur Becker has earned credit for being one of the most successful real estate and technology private investors. He is a proud owner of townhouses located on Sullivan Street in SoHo, Manhattan. Becker is the current senior principal at the celebrated Madison Partners, LLC. He has exceptional knowledge in technology investments, and he fits at Madison since the company deals with real estate and biotech ventures.


Arthur Becker acted in the role of CEO at NaviSite from 2002 up to 2010. It was a NASDAQ quoted firm, which offered services in Internet technology, hosting, as well as colocation to business. He served as a senior advisor also in a fashion company called Vera Wang for about seven years. Between 2012 and 2015, Mr. Arthur was the Chair and executive officer of Zinio, LLC. It is a renowned digital newsstand. He is an entrepreneur who has outstanding management skills in business.

As the senior M.D. of Madison Partners, Becker has extensive exposure to the investment field in condominium development in the New York City and Miami. In his interview with Ideasmench, he comments on how fascinated he was to learn the economic opportunities and potential in early stage Bio Tech. The experience in technology and real estate he got at NaviSite and Zinio formed a stepping stone for him to become a guru. To know more about Arthur visits his Crunchbase profile.

A man of many hats

Development of interest in various sectors of the economy could be termed as Beckers’s biggest motivation. After he sold NaviSite to Warner in 2011, it acted as an eye opener of exploring other forms of entrepreneurship. He instituted Madison Partners, and he resolved to offer different service to clients. Over the years, Arthur Becker has been working with distinguished experts in real estate ventures and technology industries. Mr. Arthur Becker’s recent mega investment in Sullivan Street indicates he is a dominant force in the real estate scene. More details can be found on Perez Hilton.

Becker has a progressive and innovative move in business. He is a case study of risk taking in entrepreneurship. From holding prominent CEO positions, Becker went a notch higher and used his business management skills to investing in technology and real estate.

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