Julia Jackson: Towards Sustainable Winery

Julia Jackson, the current spokesperson of Jackson Family Wines, is a veteran in the wine making industry. She comes from a wine making family with his father having made a name for himself as one of leading wine makers in the region. From a young age, Julia Jackson was engaged in the family’s wine business including the farms where the grapes were grown. Such a strong background ignited an almost inherent passion for wine making, which saw her visit such wine making regions in France as Champagne and Bordeaux. To broaden her knowledge on wines, she took a Master Sommelier Introductory Course while actively engaging in the company’s marketing department. These experiences give her deep knowledge in winery; she is an authority in the industry. Recently, he rightly noted that high quality Sonoma’s Verite sets it apart from the rest of the competition. Julia also believes that the high quality of wine leaving the company’s conveyor belt is as a result of the sustainable farming the company has historically adopted.

Academic History and Philanthropy

In 2010, Julia Jackson enrolled at and graduated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business where she studied a certificate course in general business management. She is also an alumnus of Scripps College where she graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art. The cofounder of Rex Apps is passionate about women and leadership, which has seen her give back to Seeds of Empowerment. The nonprofit organization she cofounded with her sister is dedicated to financially supporting warrior women who are dedicated to breaking the glass ceiling in the corporate sector. Towards this end, the organization rewards exceptional women drawn from all over the world with $100,000 to support their entrepreneurial endeavors. Her initiatives are supported by Jackson Family Wines and the Jackson family who are dedicated to supporting authentic and successful women challenging the conventionally male-dominated corporate sector.

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