Julie Zuckerberg – Top Talent Management Executive in New York

Julie Zuckerberg is well-known in the talent acquisition industry and has played a pivotal role in the talent management and acquisition department for many companies she has worked for throughout her career. Julie Zuckerberg has managed to reach the pinnacle of success in her field in a very short period due to her ability to grasp the person’s talent and personality with limited information.


Julie Zuckerberg has years of experience in the talent acquisition industry, and her academic profile further helps her to understand the corporate talent acquisition and recruitment management further. She attended City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she completed her graduation and went on to pursue law at the New York Law School. Over the years, Julie Zuckerberg has worked with many different firms in banking, finance, and talent management companies, and presently works at Deutsche Bank as the Talent Acquisition Lead.


Julie started her career by joining Hudson, which is renowned locally and internationally as one of the finest recruitment management firms. Hudson has branches all over the world, and works with many local and international companies, supplying talent for different layers of an organization in the various sectors. While at Hudson, Julie Zuckerberg was responsible for hiring high tier professionals, such as lawyers, CFAs, paralegals, case managers, management executives, and more. One of the more critical responsibilities of Julie at Hudson was to act as a mean of communication between the low-level employees and the management and help resolve internal conflicts related to the workplace. Thanks to her vast experience with recruitment, Julie Zuckerberg was also responsible for training employees as per the company’s standards and policies.


In 2007, Julie Zuckerberg resigned from Hudson to join the Citi Global Functions to take her career to the next level. At Citi Global, Julie was positioned as the Executive Recruiter and managed high profile designation recruitments for the company, locally and internationally. Julie Zuckerberg was responsible for sourcing talent from across the globe and not just locally for the company as well as its clients. The employment strategies implemented by Julie Zuckerberg, which included using various social media platforms to filter and source talent is now used by many international firms today. Her achievements in the company, including her remarkable performance, helped Julie get the much-deserved promotion in 2011 when she was designated as the Executive Recruiter for the Citi Group, New York.


At Citi Group, Julie worked in conjunction with the senior management and handled CEO level recruitment for the organization. Julie managed and supervised every department directly linked with human resources, and streamlined the entire communication channel with the HR department for faster resolution and better performance. She left Citi Group soon after to promote her career and joined New York Life Insurance Company, where after working for a while, Julie joined Deutsche Bank.


At Deutsche Bank, her role as a Talent Acquisition Lead included implementing best recruitment practices across the firm’s local and international operations. She worked closely with each and every department in the Deutsche Bank, starting from IT to Private Wealth Investment to help get the finest people join the company.

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