Dick DeVos: A Kind Freehearted Philanthropist

Dick DeVos is notably generous in organizing political endeavors in the Republican party, and has been doing so for many years. However, this is nothing compared to the exceedingly large sum of money he and his wife Betsy DeVos have donated to various charitable organizations over the course of his life. This total averages to be around 140 Million. This is quiet impressive considering they also generously give in other areas of society, including politics and education. Politics are at the lower end of their giving spectrum. He is also looking towards educational reform and the improvement of student’s education throughout the nation.


This is important because they believe that many children have been left behind regarding the “American Dream.” Often times we see that children become starved of the necessary educational environment that fosters a successful career. Mr. DeVos believes that there is a serious problem in the balance of various school systems, and that some children enjoy more privilege than others. This leads to a shocking imbalance that must be addressed to ensure that each child has a fair shot at making the most out of life. Through his remarkably sound judgement and implementation of donations, he has set the stage for change and hopes for each child receiving the attention they deserve.


Some criticize them for using these educational charitable endeavors to provide a smoke screen for their active political agendas. No matter where you go, someone will always hawk at you for something even if you’re giving donations from the bottom of your heart. DeVos insisted that the aim of the donations was to assist people directly, and not to serve a concealed political agenda. Given his lifetime history of donating and serving the community, he simply denies such accusations and is proud of what he has accomplished as a kind philanthropist.


Mr. DeVos is also known for his extensive donations to the arts and culture of society. This is encompassed in his establishment of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. This was specifically designed to strengthen the important business side of any arts organization, and help to ensure a brighter future for those students in the arts as well as those who are accomplished in the field already. He believes that High-Quality Management is crucial to any successful Arts Program.


Mr. DeVos started out on the path towards a prestigious job at his families Amway Corp. Then he started to find a passion for lobbying and promoting good causes through fighting a sports facility outside the central business district in Grand Rapids downtown. After discovering his effectiveness in creating change, he then went on to develop educational and political charities.


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