Seattle Genetics is Changing Lives

Seattle Genetics is a pharmaceutical company that is transforming the lives of people living with cancer. The facility is located at the Bothell Cascade Business Park. The company was founded by one of the most successful scientists in the world, Clay Siegall. Clay Siegall serves as the president of the pharmaceutical firm. Siegall is also the chairman of the board of directors in the institution.

Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the biotechnology firm has been specializing in human antibodies. The company has been manipulating, studying and packing cancer therapies since 1998. The power of the biotech company lies in its ability to connect the antibody quickly resides into something useful. The antibodies from the institution deliver a toxic substance into the cancer cells in the human body. The cancer is destroyed from the inside.

Experts say that the strategy used by Seattle Genetics might get the institution into a bigger and better league. The company is giving hope to the individuals who are living with the deadly disease. Many people are hoping that the firm will nit decamp just like the other pharmaceutical companies.

According to a recent report, the biotechnology is currently valued at ten billion dollars, and it gives nine hundred employment opportunities to people in the world. At the moment, the company is considered to be the largest and most successful biotech based in Washington. Clay Siegall says that his firm has grand ambitions. According to him, the company will soon be graduating to a big pharma that invests heavily in marketing and research. The institution is planning to hire more than two hundred individuals by the end of the year.

The first drug under the organization’s flagship is known as Adcetris. Since the introduction of the powerful drug into the market, many people have been cured. The drug is meant for Hodgkin lymphoma, a popular cancer that affects the lymph system then later on spreading to all parts of the body. The company is currently doing expansive tests to prove the efficiency of the drug.

Clay Siegall says that the company is an emerging power that will transform the international community. Clay says that the institution is planning to increase the number is antibodies it develops to help cancer patients. Siegall has a lot of experience and expertise in the oncology world. After his father had died because of cancer, and the scientist decided to look for a better cure for the deadly disease.


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