$1 million donated to Orange coast college

$1 million dollars was donated to the Orange coast college in Costa Mesa, California. Funded in 1947 OCC enrols 25,000 students or more every semester for one of their more than 135 career programs. This particular community college offers two year associates of arts and science degrees and certificates, as well as others.

A 91 year old retired English and Spanish professor named Mary McChesney Donated $1 million to the school for a new planetarium being built on the school grounds. Ground broke on this project in 2016 and Orange Coast College hopes to be ready for opening for fall semester in 2018.

The new planetarium is going to hold 129 people and have the latest in technology including a device used to demonstrate earth’s rotation called foucault pendulum. That foucault pendulum is what the donation Mary McChesney made will be going to. The only one of its kind in the area. But that donation is just the start.

Crunchbase revealed that Orange Coast College has received $2.6 million in donations for the $20 million planetarium. But Orange coast college is not only going to use this planetarium for its students, being a school that cares about the communities in and around them they are also going to let students K through 12th grade use the planetarium for educational purposes.

Not only are they active in the community Orange coast college also has the most acclaimed public nautical programs and an excellent sports program. Anything from football to water polo. Out of 5,000 community colleges OCC places 65th in awarding associate degrees.

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