Jason Hope: a Futurist with a Heart to Make the Lives of Others Better

Jason Hope is an accomplished Arizona-based investor in several industries, such as technology and biotechnology. He is also a futurist and a generous philanthropist. Jason studied at the Arizona State University-W.P Carey School of Business where he graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration. He also pursued a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the globally recognized Arizona State University.

Career Development

Jason Hope started his technological career in the mobile technology where he developed premium text messages platforms. He sold the services through Jawa, a mobile technology company that he created in 2004. The company later became a parent company to other technology firms offering services, such as Search Engine Optimization, Computer and Business Information, Digital Media Solutions, and Interactive Software. The going has, however, not been a smooth ride for him. Jason Hope has persisted in growing his businesses even when tough times hit him. Following his expertise, he has been able to get clients through referrals from his satisfied customers. He has also used the social media platforms to market his services.


As a technology enthusiast and a futurist, Jason Hope always offers his insight on new trends in technology. He is excited on the capabilities that come with technology and how it can make the lives of the people better. He is always predicting future of technology, particularly the Internet of Things. As an expert in the field, his advice and insights are always well grounded. He has also invested in young entrepreneurs in the tech field. As a person who has walked the journey, he understands the challenges that they go through in setting their ventures. That’s why he started a grants program to help fund such budding technologists.


Jason Hope is also passionate about building anti-aging processes. He looks into a future that technology will be used to prevent diseases, such as Alzheimer and Parkinson. As a philanthropist, he has worked with SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization based in California that works towards fighting these diseases. In 2010, Jason gifted half a million dollars to the organization that helped fund the Foundation’s Research of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies. He has also worked with other non-profit organizations, such as The Tony Hawk Foundation and Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

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