Mr. Eli Gershkovitch and His Role in the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

It is no secret that Canadians are fond of their beer. Beer is the most common alcoholic beverage in this nation, with craft beer having a reawakening in Canada. Even as the per capita consumption of beer falls, the demand and sales of craft beer keep on going high. The following are the most popular brands of craft beer.



The Gutenberg Belgian Double. 

This type of beer is made from barley. It is processed by the Brasseurs Sans Gluten firm. Unlike other beers from this company, this one is not gluten free. The Brasseurs Sans Gluten beers are known for their intense love with comforting tastes.



Nutcracker Porter



The Nutcracker porter is sweet, dark and less hoppy. The beverage is brewed by Black Oak Brewery using cinnamon as its ingredients.






The Weissbier craft beer is light and has a lower taste. It is a traditional Bavarian beverage brewed with Bavarian yeast. Its brewer is Denison Brewing Company.



About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO of Steamworks Group. As the owner and chief executive officer of the group, Mr. Eli believes in the need to make your business grow to meet the increasing demand. He has been in the craft beer industry for the last 20 years.


Eli Gershkovitch, a law graduate student, opened his first pub in 1995. After graduating from college, Eli knew that he needed to relax before settling in the career routine. He enrolled in art classes and would later practice French Alps during the weekends. It is during these routines that he discovered something that would cause him to drop his law career.



While on a trip to Germany, Eli Gershkovitch got exposed to the Belgian beer (BeerMe). He also paid a visit to the first microbrewery. He found the plant to be big enough to impress him but not too big to intimidate him. After the trip, he decided to venture into the craft beer industry. Well, and if you think that Eli’s law degree has not been put to any practical use, you are mistaken. While working for his Vancouver clients, he gained experience in the relevant legislation and requirements. He has then used the knowledge and expertise to be his attorney.


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