The Professional and Social Life of Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola currently works with AXA Group as the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors in New York. He joined AXA from MONY Group where he had served in different capacities since the year 1990. In the 12 years that he has worked at AXA, Mr. Parascandola has grown both professionally and as a person. His character is stronger today, and he can make wise and well-advised decisions for every position that he is called upon to hold. Before assuming his current position, Mr. Vincent Parascandola was the chief sales officer and president of AXA Equitable; having risen from the post of a regional president. He has also served in other capacities, including being the president of AXA Equitable’s continental division.

Early Career Life

Before joining MONY Group, Vincent Parascandola had sharpened his financial management skills at Irving Trust Company and Prudential Insurance. At MONY, he first served as a financial professional before he was promoted to become the sales manager, the managing director, and eventually became the field vice president in 1998. Read more about Vincent and his success on


It was at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business that Vinny Parascandola studied and acquired his first bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. The university recognizes him as one of its greatest products and invites him to make public speaking at the institution. Three years ago, the university invited Parascandola to make a keynote address during an event dubbed Pace University Commencement. Parascandola’s name is also included in the alumnus portal at the university website.

Social Media

Vincent Parascandola has embraced the social media as a marketing tool and a platform that he can use to socialize with the world. He has a Facebook and LinkedIn account that is liked and followed by more than 2000 people from across the world, all who wish to learn a thing or two from the legend. He also joined Twitter in July 2011, and he uses the platform to share with friends on matters of fitness. In April the same year, Parascandola joined Facebook and has already accumulated a handful of friends. From his Facebook page, it can be learned that he is a native of Brooklyn, New York and that he studied at Xaverian High School. In all these platforms, Vinny describes himself as a financial advisor, asset management officer, a retirement planning expert, and an estate planner.

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