Scott Rocklage- Meet the Man behind the Meds

Scott M. Rocklage is one of the biggest names among venture capitalists in the US especially when it comes to the area of healthcare management. A man with a passion for his job, Rocklage has had a very long career in the healthcare sector that covers more than three decades and which has seen him hold top positions in various giant pharmaceutical companies operating in the country.

He currently serves as the Managing Partner at 5 AM Venture Partners, popularly referred to simply as 5 AM Ventures. He has held this position for more than a decade now, having been appointed to it in 2004 and it is interesting to note that he had only come to join the company the year before as a Venture Partner.

Scott Rocklage holds a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and a PhD from the prestigious MIT. However, since the completion of his studies, Scott has focused all of his professional attention to the improvement of healthcare through research and development as well as increasing accessibility to modern day healthcare services.

This can be seen in the position that he currently holds at 5 AM Ventures. 5 AM Ventures is one of the largest venture capitalist firms that focus on creating and supporting companies that focus on next-generation life sciences. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

The general mission is to work with these companies in order to find solutions to vital healthcare problems through major breakthroughs in science and medicine while at the same time guaranteeing value for money as returns to investors. The company has a wide portfolio that companies leading research and invention of new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat a diverse range of medical conditions.

Aside from his work at 5 AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage is an avid researcher and has invented or helped to invent more than 30 patents in the U.S along with over a hundred peer-reviewed publications under his belt.

Through his work and under his leadership he has managed to get FDA approval for three new drug applications in the U.S and this is no mean feat. He has also served in the past as President, CEO and Board Chairman for some of the top pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in the world.

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