The Best Way to Make That Extra Cash Through Travelling Vineyards

Different people have different hobbies and passions, and the same case applies to the taste and preferences of drinks. If you love taking wine, then a wine tour in France, which is one of the leading producers in the world probably, sounds like an incredible idea. The country not only has the best wine routes but also offers you the opportunity to see the process in a much closer view and at cheaper rates when you visit the small factories.

The best routes to visit

There are plenty of superb regions, which you can decide to visit during your wine tour. However, according to Travelling Vineyard, only a few can guarantee you an experience that you will forever live to remember. That includes champagne, which is only an 80km drive from Paris, which means you are not going deep into the interior of France. Here, you will find several renowned wine makers such as Aspasia where you have a chance to see how champagne is made or Tribaut where you can taste all types of champagne for free. You can also visit the Champagne Fallet Dart for such an experience. Another region to include in your list is Alsace, which is home to the famous 17th-century manor Clos Froehn.

It is advisable that you visit the places in October to experience even more entertainment through the festivals, which usually take place during this period. Other routes that you should not miss out on during your tour include Bordeaux on the southwest of France and Provence, which adds more thrill to your tour through its beautiful array of roses. You should also not miss out the Burgundy, which gives you a diverse collection of white and red wine.

About Travelling Vineyard

Imagine having fun while hosting a wine party and making money at the same time. That is what Travelling Vineyard offers you. It is a company that began in 2001 and allows you to work at home. The main idea is to create a fun ambiance where you are the guide, and you invite your friends and neighbors to a wine tasting party. Once everything is set, the attendees have the opportunity to sample diverse array of wines and buy the one that impresses them the most.

The process of joining is easy because all you have to do is send an application expressing your interest. Once you are done, you get to meet a leader who takes you through the entire training process at the Tasting room. You also attend several conferences to help you further and later get a kit with everything you need such as tasting glasses, bottles of wine and carriers.

There are myriads of benefits that come along including the fact that you earn while doing something you love, and that is partying. You also get to do that from the comfort of your home and on your schedule. You do everything at your own pace since you do not have to attain a certain number of sales. Also, you get more knowledgeable about wine. Travelling Vineyard has been here for quite some time now, and through their social media accounts, one can tell they are genuine and have excellent relationships with their guides.

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