Daniel Mark Harrison, the Multi-Talented Entrepreneur Taking Overtaking the Cryptocurrency Sector

Daniel Mark Harrison is one of the famous names that you will hear in the cryptocurrency field because of his contribution to the industry. He is a successful entrepreneur and a businessman who also has a few books published. Over the years, he has gained immense experience in the business world that has allowed him to become one of the top executives that the country has ever seen. Recently the company was successful in selling pre-ICO options known as COEVAL that trades on Waves Decentralized Exchange. Experts considered the product to be one from the future and called it the “billion dollar baboon.” Daniel Mark Harrison is considered to one of the biggest innovators, and he ensures that he remains updated of the recent technological advancements in all the key industries. His observant skills and swift decisions have allowed him to make successful investments over the years.

Daniel Mark Harrison earned a degree in Theology from the University of Oxford and then an MBA degree from the BI Norwegian Business School. It was later that he joined the New York University for another master’s degree in Journalism. He is currently the CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co Ltd that he also co-owns. The investment company has its presence in different cities around the world such as Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong. He is also the MD of Monkey Capital that operates in the digital currency and investment banking sector.
Before starting his company, Daniel Mark Harrison was the Senior Manager at Minisuco Ltd in China that manufactures and exports leather furniture till 2014. During his tenure with the company, he offered investment advice to the company’s CEO and was also their corporate legal advisor. Between 2010 and 2013, he worked at an investment holding and asset brokerage company, Stanley Court Ltd in Bangkok. He had also worked with The in 2009 which is one of the top digital financial media company in Hong Kong. His first job was at St. Helen’s Capital Plc in 2005 where he was the Head of Private Clients. Daniel Mark Harrison is also a renowned writer and regularly publishes articles on Marx Rand, a general news publication of which is also the Editor in Chief.

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