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Gregory James Aziz is the current chairman, CEO and the President of National Steel Car. The company is a railroad freight car manufacturing and Engineering company. It is one of the largest companies located in Hamilton in Ontario. He has great management and organization skills as he has approved from his great services. Greg Aziz is an excellent manager who has passion in pushing for success and believes in team building, motivating staff and many other things. He was born on 30th April in the year 1949. He went to some of the most prestigious high schools in London and later joined Ridley College. He later left to advance his studies at the University of West Ontario. He pursued a bachelor of science degree in economics whereby he was able to equip his passion and objectives with necessary skills required to make him whatever he has been dreaming of. He is passionately objective and he was always eager to perform his duties.


Greg Aziz, after graduating from the University, he later went to Affiliated Foods. This was a family business located in Canada. The family was a wholesale food associated business and in a period of around 16 years, the company became the greatest importer that does importation of fresh related foods in Central and South America and also in Europe. The company has its markets in Eastern Canada and the United States. The company has spread to all parts and has been an excellent supplier of food products in all these countries.  See More Information on this page.


Gregory J. Aziz has also worked at several banking institutions and other investment based companies in the New York. He worked for around ten years in those sectors that really build his experience. He has been on the frontline fighting for good team involvement. He was able to organize the purchase of a very famous Dofasco in the year 1994. The company is the leading rail freight cars manufacturer. He emphasizes on team building, engineering capabilities and much other considerable capital and human investment. He was able to increase the company’s staff from 600 during purchase time to 3,000. He also was able to raise from working on 3,500 vehicles to around 12,000 vehicles. Gregory James Aziz has been on the frontline working for better governance. James Aziz is truly a great company leader and now a professional CEO. Since the company was purchased, it has continued to grow tremendously and the growth is very certain.



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