Gregory Aziz Brings New Dimension to the Next Generation Safety Efforts in Railcar Industry

As a prominent executive in railcar industry, Gregory Aziz has added a new dimension to the next generation safety efforts. The Chairman of the leading railcar maker, National Steel Car, has a clear vision on implementing safety efforts in the firm’s making. Greg James Aziz started his plans in the year 2014 through a number of efforts: the company hired more than 900 engineers, added plant capacity, introduced new equipment, and more. He understood that by contributing to safety, he is also contributing to nature with a better environmental footprint throughout the region. Interestingly, the customers of the firm understand the need for safety, and they even demand best-in-class safety solutions.


When the United States and Canadian governments decided to introduce common harmonized regulations for North American rail tank sector, Gregory J Aziz welcomed the move wholeheartedly. He thinks that it is required to ensure safer rail tank cars especially in the transportation of combustible liquids. Greg says that the industry and customers needed clarity on the regulations imparting safety, and the announcement would give a new impetus to the industry. He further added that National Steel Car is elated with the harmonized regulations, especially in the wake recent rail accidents both in the United States and Canada. It is also further analyzed that the new move would enhance the rail sector and boost the local economies depend on the railcar industry.


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Aziz bought the railcar firm in 1994 from Dofasco with an objective of making it the biggest player in railcar industry of North America. He nurtured the reviving process of National Steel Car around its team-building, robust engineering capabilities, intensified investments in both capital resources and human resources. This paid well, and the firms, capacity, employee strength, sales, and profit rose significantly within five years. Finally, the company became the leader in the North American railcar industry, as Greg Aziz aspired.


Greg Aziz keeps a very positive mind towards philanthropic efforts and community support initiatives. He along with his wife, Irene, sponsor the famous Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, a prominent agricultural fair in Canada. Interestingly, National Steel Car also sponsors many programs and events in the country, including the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, and more. Additionally, the firm conducts yearly Christmas party for its employees and families. They also make food drives around the event, and that is to support local food banks and the local communities.


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