Fashion Mogul Chris Burch Ventures In The World Of Luxury Hotels

Many people often think of the world of business as something that is dry and perhaps even somewhat boring. There are business professionals that work in the world of taxes and accounting and who must pour over the latest changes that govern tax preparation. There are the accountants that serve as the backbone of every healthy business and who must be concerned with spreadsheets and making calculations that ensure and protect that financial health of a business. Then there are the business people who work with stocks and investments. To the average person business is not necessarily exciting however the notion that every business person is stuffy or works on the projects that are not interesting is simply not true. Businessman Christopher Burch is a prime example.

Chris Burch is a billionaire who built his fortune by creating and leading some of the most innovative and interesting companies in the business world. He got his start as a business person and entrepreneur in the world of fashion where he launched his very first clothing company as a college student. That company would go on to earn $60 million according to a report and equip Burch with critical business skills such as marketing and sales.   To know his latest cool offering to the market, click

He would apply this expertise to building the high fashion brand Tory Burch and to launching his own investment and marketing firm Burch Creative Capital. Since he launched his very first fashion company Chris Burch has helped to turn the brand Tory Burch into a household name and has launched other brands that focus on home decor and clothing. Visit the website, hit on

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His appetite for entrepreneurship has led him beyond the world of fashion in recent years. Like many businesspeople Burch is a multi-hyphenate with skills in a variety of sectors including real estate. He recently decided to venture into the world of luxury hotels. According a report Chris has opened a high-end resort in South East Asia that is known as Nihi Sumba Island. Like many of Chris Burch’s past entrepreneurial endeavors the resort creates luxury experiences for consumers and draws upon his appreciation for aesthetics. The resort is located on a picturesque island and includes beautiful architecture that makes it the perfect destination for travelers that are looking for a luxurious locale that they can vacation on in South East Asia.  Check on to read more about this luxury resort.

Burch has invited a well known chef to oversee the island’s kitchen and to ensure that guests that choose to book a stay there will be treated to world class cuisine that will only be matched by the beauty of the resort itself.  For update on his recent timeline activities, click

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