All About Freedom Financial and Why They Matter

Freedom Financial Asset Management is a member of the Freedom Financial Network, which was started back in 2002 from humble beginnings. It has managed to be a force to reckon with only a few years later. The latter happened because the company made sure that they are building a foundation for hard work, trustworthiness and most importantly, putting the client’s needs before their own.

The company was started with the goal of providing impeccable online financial services to millions of customers. Their clients, as well as their prospects, will get custom-tailored solutions as far as personal loans, debt settlement, as well as mortgage shopping, is concerned. And since they were consistent and accommodated from the beginning, Freedom Financial Network managed to raise from a spare bedroom venture in Silicon Valley to a firm that has helped millions of clients.

Since its founding, the Freedom Financial Network has been doing so well that it has expanded from a team of only two to have over 1800 intelligent, dedicated and hardworking teammates. They had already solved over $7 billion worth of debts and had won a lot of clientele trust, which led to the launch of the Arizona office in 2007.

By 2012, they were considered one of the very best places to work. It’s no wonder they managed to win the award for Entrepreneur of The Year in 2012. But that didn’t mean that they had reached their peak as Freedom Financial continued working and helping people as much as they could.

Today, Freedom Financial has resolved a cumulative total of close to $7 billion debts and were impacting the lives of their clients in a major way. They also use their experience to make sure that they are giving their customers tried and tested ways of attaining financial freedom. Freedom Financial still has goals to achieve. They plan on resolving over $10 billion in future.

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