Whitney Wolfe Celebrates Her New Life

A New Life On The Coast

After her wedding at Amalfi Coast, Whitney Wolfe is looking to begin a new life with her husband. She’s already proven herself as the CEO of Bumble, but there’s a need for balance in life. She wants to have everything in her life, but she’s willing to put in the work necessary to enjoy everything. With her new stage in life ahead of her, the direction she takes Bumble is going to be a surprise to everyone.

The Beginning Of Her Success

Whitney Wolfe saw success after she finished college and decided to enter the tote bag trade. Her tote bags were so successful it gave her the idea to enter the world of software development. Her first app Bumble became an overnight success and continues to grow in number due to its unique approach. The sexual harassment and other issues so rampant in online dating are not a problem for anyone using Bumble. Women always make the first move and women always have the ability to end any conversation they don’t want to deal with. For this reason she’s having an impact of the world of tech.

The Bumble Effect

Bumble’s success can be seen in the millions of users and millions of matches being made daily. People across the planet are using this app to find someone they want to connect with in a way that keeps them comfortable. There’s a need to improve the tech industry and it’s coming from people like her. She’s already decided she wants to use her opportunity to improve things for women ,but this app happens to give her a way to make money in the process. Now, as she faces her married life things may very well change.

Her Road Ahead

Everybody changes when they get married and Wolfe is no exception to this either. She’s certainly going to change the way that she runs her business and she’s likely going to find entirely new business ideas to entertain. She made Bumble a success by channeling her own experiences and deciding what she wanted to give the world. Now, she’s preparing for her next big move. Regardless of what her move is, we can all expect her to give the best. Nobody understands what it takes to lead better than Whitney Wolfe and nobody leads better than her.

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