Gregory Aziz, National Steel Car and High-Quality Results

Gregory James Aziz is an established businessman who works as National Steel Car’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He’s also the firm’s President and Chairman. National Steel Car is among the planet’s most widely known railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering powerhouses. People who want to learn about those worlds regularly look to Greg James Aziz. Greg Aziz is based in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. That’s where National Steel Car operates as well.


Gregory J. Aziz is native to London, Ontario. He was born in the Southwestern Ontario community all the way back in the spring of 1949. He attended Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. He studied economics at the latter institution of higher learning. He joined a wholesale food company that was run by his family members. This company was called Affiliate Foods. Aziz landed a job with the firm in the early seventies. Affiliate Foods expanded with time. After sixteen years or so, it developed a reputation as a global fresh food importer. It specialized in food from diverse locations such as South America, Central America and even Europe. It distributed these foods to locations all over Canada and the United States.


Dofasco bought National Steel Car in 1994. Gregory J. Aziz set up this transaction by himself. Aziz stressed National Steel Car’s solid team skills. He also stressed the company’s undeniable engineering expertise. That’s how National Steel Car’s manufacturing sector transformed itself. National Steel Car has a devotion to Hamilton that’s unrivaled. The team members at National Steel Car genuinely care about Hamilton’s welfare. Greg Aziz is definitely not an exception. The company has sponsored a good number of organizations in the area. Examples of these groups are the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius and others.


National Steel Car plans a large Christmas party on a yearly basis. Countless people who have worked for the business go to it with enthusiasm. Their family members go to the gathering as well. Go Here To Learn More.


Gregory Aziz is married to a lovely woman by the name of Irene. They both sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This fair has the distinction of being Canada’s most acclaimed agricultural event.


Greg Aziz is a talented businessman who has substantial experience and expertise in his field. He’s always searching for innovative solutions to his company’s needs. He’s constantly looking for ways to make consumers feel good, too. Greg Aziz isn’t someone who ever stops thinking.



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