OSI Group; a Global Food Processing Company

Many companies have tried to process and supply food and meat products globally. But OSI Group has been the leading company in protein food products processing and supply. The company works with the most prominent food services businesses. As a result of high-quality products, the company has grown significantly over time. Currently, the company has many plants in over 16 countries in the world. The company has highly skilled workers who work very hard to deliver quality products that are safe for human consumption.

OSI Industries specializes in custom food solutions that meet food service businesses globally. The company develops products many customers prefer meaning all the company products have a ready market. The company has invested heavily in research and technology in all its facilities. This has brought high efficiency and reliability at the company. On top of technology, OSI has a trustworthy supply team that ensures products are delivered on time.

OSI Group has been working hard to be a global leader in food processing and supply. OSI has invested significant funds in the acquisition of several food processing companies. The company purchased Flagship Europe which was a great company. Flagship Europe specialized in processing of hotdogs, marinades, dips, hamburgers, pies as well as bacon. This broadened the company’s products thus meeting evolving desires and needs of their customers.

The second acquisition happened in 2016. OSI Group acquired Baho Food which was based in Netherlands. Baho Food had many processing plants in both Germany and Netherlands. The company supplied food products to 18 countries, and this was a great move to broaden OSI’s presences in Europe. When you have dreams of expanding internationally, you should also consolidate your base. This is what OSI Industries has done by purchasing Tyson Foods plant based in Chicago. Tyson Foods was not performing well and was on the verge of collapsing. They bought the company and maintained all the workers at the plant.

The journey has not been easy. It is through proper strategies and investments that OSI Group has become this great. The group’s executives have been working hard to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. They employ highly trained personnel who understand the company’s goals. The company works closely with their clients in the development of customer-oriented products that meet international standards. When the company acquires a new food processing company, they learn about the locals’ desires and needs. This helps OSI in the production of healthy meat and food products.

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