Eric Lefkofsky success story as the CEO and founder of Tempus

They are two factors that will contribute to lung cancer one being the environmental factor and the genetic risks two. The most known environmental factor is the Tobacco smoking. Research that was carried by the Yaffang Li, Ph.D. researched with one aim in mind that it will be able to display that gene smoking played a significant role when it came to the etiology of lung cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of the Tempus, and he is the one who founded it too, it’s among the top ten tech startups in Chicago. The primary focus that Tempus has its building a library that will be the largest in the world that will deal with research of the molecular and clinical data. That it will be able to collect the useful information and make it easily accessible to the physician that will be concerned with the cancer patients. Intimately, he has one hope, and that is that he will be able to have a more personalized cancer care canter and come up with outcomes that are patients proved. For the time the company was started in 2015 the company has since grown to a 200-person company that was able to raise $70 million.

Eric Lefkofsky career has been able to span beyond the entrepreneurship. He highly participates in the philanthropic causes. He believes that the money spent in so many nation would be spent way better than they are spent. He says that a trillion is spent every year that needs not to be spent in the healthcare industry. Eric and his business partner Brad believe that they have one thing in common and that is they tend to be a problem and at the same time solution oriented. They don’t just came up with ideas for the sake of it. They go ahead and search for solutions to the problems they have at hand, and if none exists, they work with the actions. And this has made it easy for them to manage the six companies. And it has been the same over the 20years finding solutions to any problems.

His idea of coming up with Tempus generated when he experienced the treatment of cancer of a loved one. He noticed during the whole process that the doctors didn’t have the right facilities and technology that were needed. And his search began for a company that was applying technology to cancer. Since he didn’t find anything, he knew something had to be done. To know more about him click here.

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