Beneful offering Variety in Dog Food

Beneful is derived from a “life full of goodness.” Beneful is a dog food brand that has been in existence for the past ten years. Beneful, food products come packaged in containers that can be used as bowls as well. Since the establishment of Benefulcommercial., the organization has reached profits exceeding $ 1 billion. The large units of sales have seen the company rise to the top of dog feed. The group pays a vast interest in marketing, which is the backbone of all net sales.

The dog feed is mainly beef flavored in a stew-like manor. However, due to much demand for healthy food from dog owners, the organization has launched a new product in the market. The team has brought in full grain recipe which provides a more nutritious healthy diet. The diet comes in pumpkin, blueberries and spinach accents. Beneful has stood the test of times by listening to the customer and Kristen Edler; brand director has given her assurance for the innovation of more variety.

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