The Achievements Of Gregory James Aziz At National Steel Car

About Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car. In this leadership position, he is the head of a leading global railcar manufacturing corporation. Greg Aziz graduated from the Ontario Western University (Canada) where he majored in Economics. It was only after his promotion from the University of Western Ontario that he commenced his career working at a food supplying business. Later on, he moved to New York City where he worked with different investment and banking firms before acquiring his company National Steel Car in 1994. As an economist, Greg Aziz had the idea of transforming the Canadian agency into a first-class North American railroad and freight car manufacturer.


About National Steel Car

National Steel Car began as a Canadian rolling stock order company. And due to the firm’s perfect timing, the company started a partnership with a massive number of boxcar requests from the Canadian Northern Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway.


But by the time of the acquisition, the performance of National Steel Car had sunk significantly. As such, Greg James Aziz’s management and input skills have been crucial in returning the company to its previous glories.

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National Steel Car now boasts of many decades of manufacturing and engineering excellence. The foundation of this leading company is based on innovation, diversity, and dynamism. The company is persistently evolving and puts more focus on its strengths to produce efficient and unmatched railroad and freight cars. The firm embraces a broad sense of design and is true to its core values.


It’s because of this reason that many customers around the globe trust National Steel Car to build greatest quality railcars that are also delivered on time. The company has been honored many times with the TTX SECO award for its exceptional work. Nonetheless, the company does not rely on the past achievements. Instead, through the stable leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel relentlessly pursues the excellence and customer service to ensure that the company is North America’s leading railcar manufacturer.


Greg Aziz can be remembered for increasing the working staff from few hundreds to tens of thousands. Besides, he improved the company’s annual manufacturing capacity to thousands of rail cars each year. The renowned entrepreneur is generous and committed to the Hamilton, Ontario community. Not only does he contribute to the area, but also supports community charity organizations like the Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army, the United Way, and the Hamilton Opera among others.


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