The Obsidian Energy Transformation And Its Role

The prominence of Obsidian Energy is behind being among the medium-sized firms whose operation are in line with producing oil as well as natural gas. The fact that the business is Canadian adds up to its outstanding features. With its headquarters being Calgary, Alberta. Looking at the time that the company establishment took place, various transformations have been encountered by it. The name that was initially used to refer to it is Penn West Corporation Limited. It is after this that the name reformed to Penn West Energy Trust.


For a substantial duration, it emerged in the listing of the S&P/TSX 60. The illustration of this is the leading sixty firms associated with the handling of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Starting in 2005 until 2011, it took over the role of CANROY. The acronym stands for the Canadian Royalty Trust. Early in 2008, it acquired market capitalization maximally. This is in consideration of a market having an estimated worth $9.5 billion.


Even though Obsidian Energy underwent both the financial and operational shortcomings upon the fall of crude oil rates within 2014, a significant restructuring was done. It entailed selling out some assets as a way of substantially reducing the debt.


Additionally, the oil fields that Obsidian Energy has been found in Alberta. This supplements the Basin that is Sedimentary located on the Western side of Canada. It is worth acknowledging that the locality is among the petroleum reserves that are most significant internationally. The most notable Alberta’s production areas include the Alberta Viking, the Peace River oil sands as well as Pembina Cardium.


The Obsidian Energy has its foundation not only on discipline but also being passionate in the course of executing their routine activities. Also, it consists of several resolutions related to enhancing accountability on the side of the shareholders. It is inclusive of the partners inclusive of the entire society in which the execution of their routine activities take place. Refer to This Article for more information on the company.


It is common knowledge that the most efficient way of dealing with any challenge is through facing it. The Obsidian Energy has thus passed this and is worth being categorized together with those having vast experience in the similar field.



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