Securus Technologies Signs an Agreement on Stock Purchase Deal to Acquire JPay

Securus Technologies serves as the provider of biometric analysis, investigative as well as monitoring tools for corrections in conjunction with law enforcement declared that it has a definitive stock purchase agreement to acquire JPay Inc. JPay is the leading provider of inmate emails, payments as well as tablets products.


This declaration was made close to a year after Securus Technologies said that it would acquire JLG Technologies which is a voice biometrics company.

Currently, JPay is operating in over 33 state prison system. It established electronic payments, email in conjunction with various other entertainment and academically related applications to the correction space.


This new payment implementation set Securus Technologies to the tremendously growing segments in corrections such as email, payments, and most recently the inmate tablets. As a result, we are now in a good position to offer almost everything that is software-based or high tech that the correction agency requires to run modern jail or prison. We as Securus Technologies has appreciated JPay as an innovative force in our industry for many years. We have also kept the track of their consistent achievements. This stands as the best for us to blend our product as well as our teams.


Ryan Shapiro, the JPay Chief executive Officer highlighted that they are ever ready to expand their footprint. He also stated that their products give great value to its constituent which is compromised by the prison staff, Friends and family and obviously the inmates. Their main interest is to develop groundbreaking products and then gain adoption on a great scale. With secure technologies behind them, they can manage to make that happen in a short time duration.


We as Securus Technologies shall keep on operating JPay as an entirely owned subsidiary of the company. We shall also give JPay an opportunity to operate in a similar way with significant advantages from Securus Technologies intensive relationship and credible resources.

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