Bob Reina – a generous giver

Bob Reina may not be a household, but he’s worth knowing something about. He is a long time lover of animals and has many himself. But that’s not what makes him notable. People should know Bob Reina because he not only cares for many animals himself, but he previously donated $250,000 to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and has pledged another $750,000.


Bob does this because he is a lifelong lover of animals himself, and he says that having 11 of them in the house is enough for the time being. Unless something changes his mind. Through his company, Talk Fusion, he has been fortunate enough to have the ability to donate money in a big way to a cause that he cares deeply about. This also ties in with the core of what Talk Fusion is about. Bob regularly says “with great power comes great responsibility” and that is a part of the core fabric of Talk Fusion.


But Bob Reina’s generous giving doesn’t stop with large donations to the Humane Society. He also gives to many families in need that cannot afford to take care of a situation that comes up with their animals. According to Darryl Shaw, chief executive of the BluePearl Veterinary Partners vet clinic group, there have been many times when Bob will overhear a family having a financial issue and silently take care of the bill for them.


But Bob Reina isn’t being generous to bring glory to himself. No, he is giving some of these gifts in the public light to serve as an example of what people should do. Whenever someone is fortunate enough to have the means to help out their neighbor, they need to step up and help out ( It is this leading through example philosophy that Bob hopes to make an even difference in the world. For if he can inspire others to give in addition, then the charities that they choose to give to will be better off. Not only that, but learning to give is a powerful principle that Bob hopes to instill in everyone.



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