Greg Secker: Talking and Helping People in Concrete Ways


An interview was recently done with Greg Secker, the CEO of Learn to Trade, by CEOCFO Magazine.

Secker is first asked about his basic philosophy. A part of his philosophy is “I am a why guy, I am a why not guy.” He is willing to try anything. He will try anything at any time or place.

Secker is asked about what he studied at university. He studied as built and sold computers while he was in university. He learned how to do code and program. He got a job going programming at Thomas Cook Financial and did programs regarding trading platforms. ab

The next question is about his interest in Forex and about what he did to innovate the Forex process. He responds by saying that the his interest in Forex started when he was working on the Virtual Trading Desk at Thomas Cook. He got to understand the Forex process worked and was able to invent strategies that made him a lot of money.

The interviewer wondered if he has shard his passion and knowledge for trading. Secker says that he did get tired of trading at home. After going to many seminars, he started doing seminars himself in 2003 and has spoken about 6,000 times. He has spoken at many venues.

The last question is about what he would like to do in the future. In the future, he thinks that he wants to help the Filipino people. He believes that people have been taking advantage of them and he is tired of that. He feels that they have low self-confidence. He is going to create a program that will give them the confidence to be successful.

With money from his trades and his speaking engagements, he created a non-profit foundation called The Greg Secker Foundation. The main goal of this foundation is to improve the quality of life for people. This foundation forms partnerships with youth programs to improve communities.

His interest in the Philippines started after Typhoon Yolanda. He visited the country and then founded the Build a House, Build a Home project, This project is to build 100 permanent homers for Filipinos.

Secker is a rich man who is helping the world with his money.

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