Aloha Construction Finding Success in its Business Model

With over 18 thousand completed projects in southern Wisconsin and Illinois, Aloha Construction is an embodiment of a family business scaling the heights of the American construction industry, residential segment. The company has offices in the Lake Zurich and Bloomington areas to be closer to its clients, the majority of whom are homeowners. However, it is not uncommon for other contractors to hire to the services of Aloha especially roof repair or roof installation services. Although Aloha undertakes other home repair services such as the installation of gutters, installation or repair of siding, etc., the company has become renowned for roofing.

Aloha employs an exhaustive nine-step inspection process to establish the integrity of roofs. The holistic inspection process never misses revealing damages on shingles, flashing, attic ventilation, etc. Aloha then recommends either repair of the existing roof or installation of a new one. Aloha is confident of its expertise in roofing that the company offers a ten-year-warranty to any roofing project it undertakes. As if that was not enough, Aloha has entered into a partnership with Synchrony, a leading financier of consumer purchases, to facilitate the funding of homeowners who for one reason or the other are unable to meet the costs of repairing their roofs or other damages in their homes. Aloha describes itself as “Roofers who Finance.”

David Farbaky is an embodiment of smart entrepreneurs who understand that modern businesses should not only provide services that meet the consumer’s expectations but also be socially responsible. Aloha’s home repair services are provided on a platform of honesty, integrity, fairness, timeliness, attention to detail, etc.; it came as no surprise that BBB rated Aloha’s services A+.

Through the Dave Farbaky Foundation, Aloha is accomplishing its social responsibilities to the applaud of its customers and the society in general. Farbaky recognizes the difficulties that the less fortunate kids in the community undergo, and he regularly sponsors shopping sprees for them. Aloha has demonstrated that a business can pursue profits while being concerned with the goings-on in the society. Aloha’s business model resonates well with modern consumer, and the company is likely to find more significant success in future.


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