Ricardo Tosto and the Brazilian law

Among all careers in Brazil, law seems to attract hordes of young people with each dawn. Its popularity continues to increase not only among Brazilians but also across the world. There are many reasons behind that the main one is because its law originated from the Portuguese law and thus when combined with some of the rules which come from Brazil it becomes quite impressive. Additionally, it is very marketable because it is complicated and confusing for average citizens to navigate on themselves even when it comes to minor cases. Thanks to that, most lawyers perceive Brazil as an area which is bursting with opportunities for them not to mention that it takes six years to study for the profession. When all these factors are combined, Brazil attracts more and more lawyers, and in 2010 it ranked position three on countries with the highest number of people. Also, there are myriads of law schools in the nation and prominent firms which practice the profession. Among them is Ricardo Tosto.

Who is Ricardo Tosto?

He is one of the most renowned law practitioners in Brazil and is known for his prowess in the field. Mr. Tosto specializes in mass litigation which includes election, commercial, civil and administrative law, credit recovery, bankruptcy, reorganization among many others. Ricardo is the founder of one of the biggest law firms in Brazil known as LeiteTosto e Barros firm where through the highly trained lawyers, myriads of Brazilians are helped with their cases. Ricardo Tosto’s proficiency in the field can be attributed to his long experience in the sector as he has been around for close to two decades and he continues to go firmly in it. Ricardo is a member of the international bar association, and besides law, Tosto is also a renowned author and his articles which address legal matters are a common sight in newspapers and many other prominent journals. Through his expertise, he has made significant contributions in the Brazilian law and continues to make it better for young and upcoming lawyers. Although he is the epitome of success, Ricardo Tosto had a long way coming as he began his journey in a small office practicing corporate law. Today he represents high profile cases, and during his free time he is either writing on legal matters or delivering mentorship speeches in seminars. To watch video click here.

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