The Inner Workings Of Rocketship Education And Its Resulting Success

Without schools, society wouldn’t be nearly as advanced as it is today. It’s important to educate young children while their brains are pliable and plastic, rather than leaving them to work at early ages.

Rocketship Education, a chain of public schools across the United States of America, relies on several principles that allow it to succeed. Although largely unorthodox, the school system’s scores speak for themselves.

Parents Are Highly Important To Educational Success

Without caring parents that are involved in their children’s educational experiences, it’s difficult for them to succeed. Rocketship Education’s 18 locations train parents to be part of interviews.

Doing so serves a handful of purposes: parents get more involved in other areas because their presence is more valued, parents typically care about hiring decisions in schools their kids attend than administrators do, and it allows administrators to allocate tight budgets to deserving areas of operation, rather than hiring employees or outsiders to conduct employee screenings.

Sharing Information Between Parents And Teachers Is A Big Deal

On a regular basis, parents receive feedback from teachers regarding their students’ performance in classrooms. Parents are invited to each school’s campus to help develop plans to rehabilitate their flailing performance in school, rather than administering plans of action without consulting those closest to students – parents.

About Rocketship Education

Preston Smith and John Danner created Rocketship Education in 2007. Both came from different backgrounds: the former had been an educator for about five years, whereas Mr. Danner was deeply involved in the world of technology.

Rocketship Education is a public charter school, meaning it can accept funding from the government and private investors, without having to follow any guidelines, rules, or mandates laid out by local school boards. As it mainly serves low-income areas, whose populations aren’t always reflected by local school boards, Rocketship Education is able to provide quality education to its students, who typically aren’t able to secure solid educations like those that Rocketship provides.

Rocketship Education has just short of 20 locations across the United States, populating California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C.

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