Poverty Stricken Communities Benefit from Rocketship Charter Schools

Living in poverty does not make life a completely hopeless. However, it does limits a person’s quality of life and opportunities. All cities have poverty stricken areas where the hope for change and growth is slim. Even though this is the case, there are plenty of resources for poorer communities to make them better places to live. One of the best ways for people to overcome poverty is through a good education. Rocketship Education is a charter based school that understands that fact.

In 2006 Preston Smith and John Danner started the first Rocketship Education Charter School in San Jose, California. The results for the students who attended this first school were astounding. The low-income students that attended this school scored just as high on their state test scores than students educated within more affluent communities. The Palo Alto School District were baffled by Rocketship’s success. Smith and Danner realized they were on to something and began to franchise their schools all over the country.

Smith and Danner both understood that many parents within low-income communities do care about their child’s education. They also realized that many students want to be given a good education. Truthfully, there will always be students that will not appreciate their education. However, a lot of children enjoy learning and want to maximize their intelligence.

There are plenty of poor parents who realize that school is essential to success in life. Some segments among the minority populations also have a disregard for a good education. Still, there remains plenty of minority people that understand how critical it is to have a strong educational foundation. Having the ability to send children to a school that will make a difference is important. Parents need to know that they have choices. Even if they live in a poor community with limited resources.

Rocketship Education makes parents within low-income communities aware of who they are. They involve the parents in every aspect of the school building process. They make sure that parents take a part in every aspect of their child’s instruction to ensure their success. Ultimately, Rocketship Education helps low-income community students to receive the best education possible.

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