Stream Energy Trust Virtue Grabs Texas

Stream Energy received recognition in Texas polls for being one of the most trusted electric service providers in the industry. The numbers and commentary indicated that customers found the business compassionate and helpful, which are two qualities of a leading provider (


Market Strategies International is the company that accessed the survey to find the top 10 electric service providers in the trust category. The survey scored more than 50 companies, and it included input from more than 5,800 participants.


Survey participants had to choose reasons for their faith and trust in their providers. Among the top reasons were customer service quality, service offerings, billing simplicity, pricing, service quality and more. Customer focus was one of the areas where Stream Energy excelled because of its dedication to the people they serve. It was one of the organizations that gave back to the community after Hurricane Harvey hit. The company donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross to help victims obtain relief. That’s one of the marks of a business that cares about patrons. Stream Energy CEO, Larry Mondry, is dedicated to having his business soar as the number one retail electric provider. He stated in a recent conference that he would work very hard with his team to prove to the world that Stream Energy is worthy of their award. Mondry is proud to see the company’s humane and consumer-friendly culture in the spotlight as it is. Such qualities are hard to beat when they’re coupled with value and tenure, so the business has already proven itself to be superior.


Stream Energy is a leading provider of direct electrical services and is one of the largest in the industry when it comes to profits. The company generated more than $8 billion since its doors opened, and it continues to innovate daily. Along with its reliable energy services, the company offers wireless and protective services to its clients.


Stream Energy was founded in 2005 and has between 200 and 500 employees. The company headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, and it services various states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey and several other states (GazetteDay).


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