The Achievements and Strategies of Troy McQuagge and USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge serves as the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is worth acknowledging that he is the Gold Winner as the Chief Executive Officer of the year in the esteemed One Planet Awards. It refers to an international premier awards initiative that honors business as well as the career excellence in different industries globally. Both the private and public organizations globally qualify to submit their notifications.

Upon his entry into the company in 2010, he never took any longer to restructure the distribution agency that was in place, USHEALTH Advisors. It is remarkable that his success alongside restructuring Advisors resulted in his election as the CEO and the President of USHEALTH Group in the year 2014. In the course of his tenure, the firm has realized several accomplishments. This is in line with success, profitability, and expansion in the insurance market of healthcare whose competition is stiff.

In his statement, McQuagge acknowledged that he considers the naming by One Planet an honor in conjunction with receiving an esteemed peer and industry recognition. The truth is that the award belongs to the entire USHEALTH Group. It testifies the continual commitment of the company in the provision of solutions to the challenge of healthcare affordability. They do this by offering them with an innovative coverage flexible with the increase of the healthcare needs. The One Planet Awards is extensively known following their recognition of the company excellence alongside their professional duties and business. At the moment, the conferment of honors of One Planet is executed in categories such as teams, executives, the new products and services, Corporate Communications, PR, and marketing. Additional information on the One Planet is found at, and it is a wise idea taking part in it. Read more on about Troy McQuagge

USHEALTH Group Inc. is an insurance holding firm. The company base is situated in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company’s objective is alongside the provision of an innovative health coverage that helps the self-employed persons as well as the owners of small businesses. The goal of USHEALTH is alongside to enhance the combination of the various talents present within its employees as well as the agents. It is such a strategy that the company will facilitate the marketing of insurance products that are not only market competitive but also profitable. Additionally, the company is aimed at enhancing the provision of an exemplary service about all the aspects related to the operations of the enterprise.

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