Stream Energy: Setting the Standard for Clean Energy Services Providers in Texas

Stream Energy ranked among the top 10 retail electric providers (REPS) by the customers in the state of Texas. This ranking was achieved among the 52 REPS in Texas. According to the Cogents Report, customers praised Stream Energy for their customer focused behaviors and efforts to serve the community which resulted in twice the impact on brand trust. The President of Stream Energy indicated the company’s goal is to be the top REP and offer the greatest benefits and products in the electric industry. Visit to know more about Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is a direct sales company which is on the cutting edge of change experienced in the clean energy economy. The company was established in 2005 in Dallas Texas. Stream Energy has a business model which allows customers to receive electric services directly from the corporation. Stream Energy has generated over $ 8 billion dollars over the past 12 years and the company is regarded as a leader in the direct sales market in field of energy.


Stream Energy’s commitment to customer satisfaction is further supported by the selection of David Faranetta as the new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Faranetta has a track record of customer satisfaction in the energy industry. David Faranetta’s former employer achieved a 99%-100% customer satisfaction rating under his leadership. The selection of Faranetta will assist Stream Energy with the growth of the corporation and the move of the headquarters to their new facility in North Dallas which occurred in March 2017.

Stream Energy provides services such as protective and home services in addition to energy services. Customers may purchase products and services from Stream Energy through independent associates. Stream Energy offers energy services in seven states in the United States. Additionally, Stream Energy provides wireless, and protective services to clients throughout the United States. The company expanded into the mobile phone industry in 2015 and digital voice services in 2016. View the Company reviews at

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