Logan Stout’s Balancing Act of Multiple Ventures

Logan Stout is an immensely talented and ambitious individual. Not to mention his ability to multitask. He is able to successfully juggle being a business owner, philanthropist, key note speaker, and entrepreneur. He has built a reputation as a credible leader with a remarkable track record of team building. His ambition is the reason why he is involved in so many thriving ventures. As someone who generated billions of dollars in revenue he is happy to share his experience. This desire to help others has led to him becoming one of the most sought after keynote speakers in the world. See more:

As of late, the businessman is turning his focus towards the health and wellness sector. He dove into this most recent venture head first in 2014 when he launched IDLife. The company has received cosigns from celebrities like Troy Aikman, former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. IDLife’s ultimate goal is the increase of overall awareness and education of the importance of health and wellness. With Logan leading the way IDLife became one of the fastest growing companies in its first three years. Just two years after being founded it was landed a spot on the list of top MLM companies in the world.

A lesser known fact about Logan is his passion for sports. While in high school he participated in both basketball and baseball. In fact, his childhood dream was to play in the MLB. Although his dream didn’t come true his love for the game never wavered. He is the founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. Though it is a baseball organization its main focus is mentoring and leading youth. The organization has really gained a foothold in the world of baseball. Many of its graduates are drafted by MLB teams. While this makes Logan very happy he is more interested in the guidance it provides for young people. Read:


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