CEO Clay Siegall Takes Time Out Of His Busy Day To Let People Know About The Latest NFL Happenings

Keeping readers up to date on the latest NFL news, Clay Siegall put an ESPN article on his official blog about the Carolina Panthers interim GM Marty Hurney. The article says that he was cleared by the NFL of wrongdoing after he had been accused of harassing his ex-wife. They conducted a two-week investigation into the charge before deciding there really wasn’t anything to it. Now that the matter is cleared up it is expected that he’ll soon be named as the permanent general manager of the team.

Another article was pertaining to the New York Jets. They now have space on their salary cap to afford $73 million to spend on free agents. They’re expected to make a run for Kirk Cousins who played for the Washington Redskins up through last year when he was replaced as the starter because he was injured. They do need to sign some of their unrestricted free agents, though, with this cap space including players like Morris Claiborne, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, and Demario Davis which are three players they really need.

Clay Siegall is an executive in the pharmaceutical industry. He is the CEO of Seattle Genetics and is passionate about finding cures for cancer. He has a Ph.D. that he earned at George Washington University and has been in this field since the late 1980s. He says that his foremost goal is to treat patients with cancer and do so with targeted drugs which are much better than what the industry is currently doing.

As a business leader, Clay Siegall is big on collaborating with other industry leaders in his field. He wants to push the entire industry towards targeted drug therapies instead of relying on traditional methods of treating cancer which often time kills patients instead of saving them. The antibody drug conjugate collaborations he develops with other pharmaceutical companies enables Seattle Genetics to get more resources to work at his company. He puts these resources into developing new ideas as well as creating new approaches when it comes to treat cancer patients.

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