It’s All About Identity With Alex Pall

Alex Paul tells us how it all began, just another artistic hopeful in the Big Apple trying to make it. For many the desire to realize dreams in New York City stays at a hobby level, for Alex Paul, it consumed his life past a “side thing”. Meeting Andrew Taggart through his manager, that is still his manager now, the guys said yes to commitment and started working on music right away. Alex knew this musical partnership would work after meeting Andrew and realizing their taste in music and hunger to really make were so in tune with the other’s.


Alex Pall talks about how in the beginning of it all they were paying lots of attention to what was and wasn’t working on the music scene and putting in the hours to discern and create their identity as artists and says that even now having reached and surpassed their dreams they still hold discussions as to what their identity is for each album and how it makes them feel. Find More Information Here.


Talking about singing in their own tracks Alex, perhaps throwing a little shade perhaps not says, the fact is artists don’t write their own lyrics. Through Alex and Andrew working with songwriters got them asking themselves “why not?”. It’s all about making an album that flows and makes sense within itself instead of going the route the majority of DJ albums have taken in the past.


Alex Pall gives raving compliments to working with artist Halsey on yet another smash hit track “Closer” and how the string of tracks, “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses“, have helped build an even more precise identity of The Chainsmokers. And who’s responding to that identity? Andrew says he looks to Instagram to get a sense of that showing the fandom has spread to a wide age range and enjoyed by people in far off places like the Philippines and South Africa. And how do they keep up with their ever-growing fan base? By aiming to always changing how the shows are presented and yet keeping that core need to stay true to the identity their started-on building as two hopefuls.


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