The Elite 2018 Oxford Club Balanced Investment Strategy

Want to earn a higher return on your investments this year no matter what happens in the markets? I thought so. Investors can retain an additional 4% of a portfolio’s return every year.For example; an average 20 year portfolio can go from $386,000 to $806,000.

So let’s talk about a company with almost three decades of experience, the Oxford Club’s strategists seek out investment oppurtunities with the biggest potential and least risk. Anyone seeking a good stable retirement should highly consider this in 2018.

The Oxford Club has developed four main investment strategies that are absolutley bulletproof.


The Oxford Club’s investment plan mixes a little diversification in the number of stocks and sectors and risk levels. Most investors could see that this would help prevent an entire fail in the market, like in the late 1990’s. Each portfolio considers common and preffered stocks but not eliminating Foreign stocks.

No investor needs to tie his entire wealth up in equities. Mutual funds, bonds, exchange traded funds, options, commodities and much more should be included in an investors portfolio. Many of these come in many different forms.

High-return investments is possible with low-risk as long as you have diversity within a pyramid.

  1. Back-Door Plan

Oxford Club members are always aware of when to hold them and when to fold them. No “buy” recommendation will always show you what door to go through. Knowing when to buy and when to sell guarantees that your investment is protected.

  1. Big or Small

The Oxford Club doesn’t allow its’ members to become emotionally attached to any one stock. Careful placement with their investment position is based on the size. Once the size is determined then the amount that should be invested is decided as well.

  1. Reduce Your Costs

Oxford Club believes investors should get the most out of their investment. They believe in this so much they cut out the fund managers and tax collectors with their large fees. Oxford Club avoids the front-end load, back-end fees, penalties, and much more. By keeping these expenses out of the picture net returns can increase.

The club legally shows it’s members how to create a portfolio that doesn’t allow much room for the IRS to tax.

Although Clb is very selective, they are not a secret organization. With more than 157,000 memberships around the world, and in over 130 countries thiss shows proof that the Oxford Club recommendations are crafted to create success.

Want to become apart of a financial success you can attend one of their financial seminars or visit their website today.

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