The Chainsmokers Tell A New Story

A story can only be told for a certain amount of time before it loses its flavor. For Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart, the DJ duo that forms Chainsmokers, their initial story has reached its limit. Now the duo is ready to tell a new one.


The Chainsmokers was Introduced in 2012 by Adam Alpert, Pall and Taggart started out small. At first, they did remixes for Indie bands, and collaborated with low level recording artists. For two years they sat in a producer’s booth mixing music. Then their first live performance in 2014 allowed them to perform their debut single, “#Selfie”. What followed was an explosion of fame and fortune that detonated over a two-year course. “#Selfie” led to the group’s first EP, Bouquet, and their first single to make Billboard’s Top 100. In fact, “Roses” garnered the ten slots.


Their next single, “Don’t Let Me Down” not only nabbed the 5 slots on that very same list but grabbed an Grammy Awards as well. Since then every song they have churned out has been a hit, they have performed with superstars, and have even landed on Forbes’ list of top paid DJ’s. Pall described the climb as a surreal, stating that their initial success seemed like a dream. One thing is for sure, people the world over loved the duo’s music. The group also went on numerous tours, their performances also gaining high praise. Today they are a sure thing, which is why it is time to mix it up. View Related Info Here.


According to Taggart, the duo always felt their music mirrored society. With 2018’s release of “Sick Boy”, the group goes in a new direction, a darker direction. For Taggart is the beginning of a new chapter, one that pulls them out of a caricature-making limelight. For Pall, it is the opportunity to grow as artists. For their careers it is a leap that may just cement as more than a current fad. One thing is for certain, this new story will assure the duo retains their flavor.



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