Ted Bauman’s Battle With Time Management

Since 2013, Ted Bauman has been a part of the Banyan Hill Publishing family, working as the editor of several columns, including The Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Report. He was born and raised in the Washington metropolitan area, but emigrated to South Africa, concluding his postgraduate studies at The University of Cape Town. He would eventually spend 25 years in South Africa, working predominately as an executive in the nonprofit division. It has been his life’s mission to help connect people with resources that will enable them to live comfortable lives without them being subjected to government oversight or corporate avarice. Over the year, his client portfolio has garnered significant acclaim, as he has worked with a myriad of well-established organizations, including the World Bank and the United Nations. In 2008, feeling that his time in South Africa had run its course, Mr. Bauman returned to the United States, immediately taking a position with Habitat For Humanity, acting as the Director of International Housing Programs. Recently, Mr. Bauman co-authored a book entitled “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally),” alongside his father, and former United States Congressman, Robert Bauman. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and daughter. Read more on


Ted Bauman relishes in the fact that he is generally able to begin his workday immediately after dropping his daughter off at school, due to the fact that he works from home. This goes a long way in helping him adhere to his strict schedule, which is characterized by his staunch belief in time management. During this time, Mr. Bauman dedicates much of his attention to researching the incoming economic trends around the world, helping to keep him, as well as his audience abreast of any significant changes.

As a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, it is important that Ted Bauman stay intimately connected with the pulse of his readership, and in doing so, he has noticed a trend – many of his readers have been more willing to question the longstanding tradition of western governments “bending over backwards to accommodate large business.” Not only are ordinary people calling these practices into question, they are also actively looking for practical solutions, which has him very excited about the future. While he admits that he is not a fan of government regulation by any means, he also notes that the government’s lack of regulation has resulted in the problems spiraling out of hand. View:


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