Kevin Seawright: A Pioneer in the Financial Sector

Kevin Seawright is a leader in the financial sector and is known for being a visionary in the field. He is the Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation and also held the following job titles: Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Baltimore City Government, Campaign Manager for KLS Political Services and Vice President of Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors. Kevin has used his vast financial knowledge to improve communities on the east coast. Some of his key accomplishments include revenue enhancements that improved forecasting annual growth. He also strengthened the Human Resources Division through better retention, recruiting, compensation, collective bargaining and negotiations. Mr. Seawright has spent over 13 years in executive level positions in finance, human capital, and capital management and is responsible for over $400 million in bond funds to government and private sectors. He also managed over $600 million in educational building projects during his career. Kevin Seawright received his Masters in Accounting degree from Almeda University.

While serving as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer in Baltimore, Kevin received recognition for integrating the public school system into the city’s Citistat software. The Citistat program was created to show measurable data on how well city departments are performing. The data is available every two weeks to management and allows them to determine which departments require attention. Kevin recognized the importance of having the school system implemented into this software. Mr. Seawright is respected by his peers and has always had excellent rapport with is staff. One distinct advantage he has over other executives in his field is experience in the private and public sector. Read more on ¬†about Kevin Seawright

In his spare time, Kevin plays sports, mainly baseball. He is a board member for the Babe Ruth Museum and enjoys coaching local youth sports. The museum educates visitors about Babe Ruth, the Baltimore Colts and Baltimore Orioles. Learn more:


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