Month: March 2018

Dr. Rod J Rohrich will Attend Multiple Conferences in 2018

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The renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich, serves as a professor at UT Southwestern Medical Centre. He will attend about three symposia in 2018 with the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Symposium being the first. The second symposium he will attend is the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery. This will be followed by the Dallas…

How Matt Badiali Became An Expert In Investing In Natural Resources

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Gold stocks are cheap today!#Gold #GoodInvesting #RealWealthStrategist #GoldMiners #Money #PDAC #AssetProtection #ProfitableInvesting #WealthProtection #Commodities #NaturalResources #Opportunity #Trading #Stocks #StockMarket #BanyanHillPublishing — Matt Badiali (@Matt_B_Guru) March 9, 2018 Matt Badiali is a scientist by training but has spent his professional career as an investor and writer. He specializes in investing in natural resources such as gold,…

Shervin Pishevar & The Problem With Monopolies

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Shervin Pishevar has a problem with monopolies. This has become obvious as a result of the tweets that he sent out beginning February 5. The venture capitalist had a lot to say on this day. In a 24-hour period, he sent out 50 tweets, all numbered to make it easy to follow along. What monopolies…

Kevin Seawright, a Leader That Any Organization Would Love To Add To Its Ranks

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Recently, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation announced a new financial officer. The news released by Newark, stated that Kevin Seawright had joined the organization to serve as the CFO and vice president. Other positions held Seawright has also worked for the city of Baltimore, where he served in the education sector as the vice…

Skills that You Can Learn from Ian King

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Ian King is a well-known contributor to Investopedia which focuses on advising investors. His major rise came when he invented a service that would help people understand what cryptocurrency is. Being a trader in that industry and being a teacher has made him write a book about cryptocurrency, how to trade and invest. In 2008,…

Waiakea Water – Filtered With Volcanic Rock

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Waiakea water is a Hawaiian bottled water producer founded in 2012. In 2015, the company was honored by bottled water critic 10 Best Water by being named healthiest water of its kind. The company is unique in the way it purifies its water. Instead of utilizing costly equipment to purify their water, Waiakea allows mother…


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