Gregory Aziz: An Economist With A Difference

1To manage a business especially in this era is not a simple thing. For a business to perform well, there needs to be a commitment from the business owners. It is no longer easy to keep a company in the top-tier league for a long time. There is a lot that is happening regarding economic depressions and technological growth. Some factors need a company to be on high alert so that it adapts to them well in case they affect the business. To make it in business, therefore, needs a management team that is focused on the good deeds that will shape destiny the company.


National steel car in Canada is a company that can proudly claim to have a team that is focused on the growth of the company. A management team that wants the best for the company and one that is determined to make the company the biggest in the world. It is the kind of management that every business would be proud to have. James Aziz leads the management at the National steel car. He is an entrepreneur man who is trained in economics and knows how to pick good investment and also how to take up struggling businesses and to make them great again.


Gregory Aziz is from Canada. He was born in Ontario in 1949. He has been working with National Steel Car since 1994. Before he joined national steel car, he was working as an investment banker. In fact, the decision to buy National steel car came to him while he was working with an investment bank in New York. To him, managing a company should not be a hard thing. He acquired the skills and perfected them. Visit This Page for additional information.


Immediately he finished his degree at Western University, he assisted a family business to grow tremendously. Affiliated Foods was a company that was operating in the city of Ontario. After he joined the company, it became so huge that it is now the biggest importer of foods in Canada. It established markets all over Canada and even in the United States. His impact in the company was huge. He left after 16 years ensuring that the company was working well and had a strong foundation to stand on.


James Aziz has managed to make National steel car once again the biggest producer of railroad freight cars in North America. He is happy that the company is doing very well and that his managerial skills have been approved.



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