Shervin Pishevar & The Problem With Monopolies

Shervin Pishevar has a problem with monopolies. This has become obvious as a result of the tweets that he sent out beginning February 5. The venture capitalist had a lot to say on this day. In a 24-hour period, he sent out 50 tweets, all numbered to make it easy to follow along.

What monopolies exist in the United States?

Surprisingly, there are quite a few monopolies in the United States, according to Shervin Pishevar. This includes Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet. Each of them is more powerful than Ma Bell ever was.

As Shervin Pishevar identifies in tweet number 45 as to why they are more powerful, “Extreme amounts of power with access to data no sovereign has.” This explains a lot, really. Each of these companies has a lot of power because they have no competition. Consider what kind of competition Facebook has. Although there are plenty of social media platforms, none is quite like Facebook, especially with billions of individual users. As for the access to data, consider all of the information that Amazon, Alphabet, and others have.

What could they do?

Shervin Pishevar states in tweet 46 that they have the power of a nation-state to destroy vulnerable startups. They can use their power overtly and covertly. The United States as a whole has allowed the monopolies to rise and they now obtain cash from abroad so that their power can grow. Further, any vulnerable startups are simply acquired by these larger companies, which means that there is no competition and the companies gain all of the innovation. Find Related Information Here.

While Shervin Pishevar does not have an exact solution for how to deal with the monopolies, he does identify that they need to be restrained from their absolute power. This means that the United States as a whole, including the government, needs to get involved. Breaking them up could be what’s best for consumers overall.


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