Gregory Aziz: Thinking of Greatness

What makes a man great? That’s a question every corporation asks itself before picking a CEO, President, or Vice President. Who they pick has to know how to lead a team and uphold the company’s well-established reputation and high standards. Corporations in demanding industries need someone who can do more than that.

When it comes to engineering and manufacturing, those companies need someone brilliant. Engineering, in particular, is a dynamic field that relies on change and technology for its survival. Engineers need to know how to use technology and invent and improve upon high-quality products.

It’s up to the CEO to know how to communicate that brilliance to customers. The other side of the engineering and manufacturing industry is customer relation; like with all industries. Some companies luck out and get the perfect CEO. In 1994, National Steel Car added Gregory J. Aziz to the team and he worked out brilliantly.


The first thing James Aziz noticed was the dedication of the workforce. He appreciates every employee and their determination, trust, and commitment to their craft. They all work hard to make sure every customer is satisfied. Aziz also values the customers and suppliers for their loyalty to National Steel Car.

Aziz has one skill that most CEOs lack: humbleness. As a humble man, James Aziz focuses on the greater good rather than his own career. Everything he does benefit the company and its customers. His focus is solely on the important things.


He learned many of his leadership skills during and after college. He attended the University of Western Ontario before working at the family business — Affiliated Foods. His family owns a small wholesale foods business in Ontario, where he worked for some time. After moving to New York, he tried his hand at investment banking.


His career in New York was valuable but not satisfying. Once he got to National Steel Car, he found somewhere he could work for the rest of his life. National Steel Car has a family atmosphere that doesn’t compare to any other place he’s worked at, including his family’s business. Read This Article for additional information.


Aziz also brings that family quality to National Steel Car’s involvement in the surrounding community. Hamilton, Ontario has been National Steel Car’s home for the last 100 years, and Aziz loves giving back.



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